Selected Poetry: 1992 to 2006

…Even if God is dead for you

surely you can see–

I am alive.

The pulse beats in my neck,

“I am alive, I am alive.”

The quickening breath speaks,

“I am alive.”

The deepening voice

cries out for communion…

-from Sacrament, 1992

I had been a poet and songwriter from my early teens when, in 1992, seeking to uncover the meaning of a series of visionary experiences, these poems began to emerge. Each one came whole, complete and completely unrecognizable: there was, to my knowledge at the time, no genre to which this poetry belonged. When I discovered the Persian mystics and Coleman Barkes’ translations of Rumi, Hafiz, and Lalla, my heart trembled with recognition.

As the years passed, the once wildfires of radical awakening naturally matured into a more subtle radiance, and joy finds a home with peace inside the heart. Surely we need this mellowing lest our flames devour us, and yet I find myself far more deeply rooted within than I might have ever been had I not endured so long the flames of ecstasy.

What are these poems, then? They are but markers which cannot be measured any more than

I could measure you, if you were to come to God, burning or weeping or dancing naked, singing as Lalla did, 700 years ago in Kashmir. What response is possible but to rejoice– in the poetry and in the miracle of existence itself?

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