Embracing the Dark: Restoring Our Sense of Wholeness

We have vilified the “dark” for thousands of years, so long associating “darkness” with evil, that we have forgotten the wholesome, nurturing darkness– the seed resting in the soil, the egg in the womb, the moment of insight in the depth of meditation, the Yin herself. One wonders about the disturbingly pervasive presence of racism in America and this Western obsession with “light” that polarizes “light” into “good” and “dark” into “evil”. At a deeply psychological level, we have culturally entrained our awareness to fragment along the transformative edge, “the Kemal line” Sufis call it (where the Yang is constantly becoming the Yin and the Yin is constantly becoming the Yang) and this fragmentation reinforces and sustains the hatred of all things associated with the “Dark”– unknown mysteries, unfamiliar customs, dark-skinned peoples, women, female reproductive organs, and the mysterious and yet-undiscovered or as-yet-unintegrated parts of ourselves. –Murshida VA