Poet, performance artist, transformative educator, spiritual activist, prison abolitionist, Murshida VA (Rev. Murshida Victoria Angela, MEd, EdS) has been called everything from The Mother of the World to The Living Incarnation of the Whore of Babylon.

Murshida VA’s experiments with reclaimed Ancestral healing sound changed the curriculum at Harvard’s Institute of Mind-Body Medicine and Harvard’s Annual Spirituality and Healing Conference, inspiring Harvard to include healing sound and music therapy in their collaborations, research and offerings. She has presented at Harvard’s Positive Psychology Conference, the International Women’s Writer’s Guild, and medical conferences nationally as a voice for healing our collective trauma and the value of Indigenous Medicine.

The first Performance-Artist-in-Residence at the Shands Hospital Arts-in-Medicine Progam, she went on to pioneer the arts-in-healing in jails, prisons, several domestic violence shelters, and community agencies. She has appeared as lead vocalist and composer for Jawole Willa Jo Zollar’s, Urban Bush Women, and her passionately-sung, wordless prayers were commissioned by the Foundation For A Healing Among Nations to be sung for the dead in Auschwitz and Dachau. Her poetry has been published in Heart and Wings, The Journal of Humanistic Education and Development, and several small-press, literary mags.

A lifetime meditator and practitioner Mindfulness, Analytic Mindfulness, and Inner Yoga, Murshida VA was trained by formal guides in Tibetan Buddhist, Sufi, and Indigenous traditions. Her work weaves together a lifetime of inner work with 40 years of professional experience in the Arts and Healing and a formal education spanning world literature, comparative religion, Gestalt, Feminist, and Jungian Psychology, Systems Theory, and the Recovery of Indigenous Mind.

Murshida VA loves responding to warm invitations to contribute to the evolution of human consciousness and the fields of social and cultural transformation. Most recently, she has been invited to:

As a prison abolitionist, Murshida VA brings a rich experience to the dialogue table as she has been both employed by “Corrections” as a therapist/counselor/case manager and convicted of multiple felonies for bringing medical marijuana into Georgia.

Murshida VA is the Founder of The Center for Being and Becoming, Onc., a 501(c)3 educational organization. She is also Spiritual Director of The Message Collective Esoteric School, a branch of the Universal Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan. She lives in Gainesville, FL with her daughter and the local members of her community.

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  1. I want to know more about all of these concepts and the relationship of sound and how there is a relationship with sound and these esoteric concepts.
    This is great stuff as theory and I wish to learn more, even collaborate if possible on the music end of things. I have a backlog of soothing electronic music.

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  2. I just read, reread, and breathed in Annihilation and Kisses. It was sent to me by a beautiful soul I have recently met. Just last night me were discussing love and other amazing things….I mentioned the Klimt and I first reaction to viewing it so many years ago. Today that wonderful soul opened up facebook and your writing was there….

    Your incredible writing. Thank you for this gift. I will read more of your thoughts.

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