Wake Up!

In the depth of night,
awake, listening through

the sweet

of intimate stillness,

my daughter’s breath,

a voice, echoing

everywhere nowhere
beyond and within,
Wake up! Wake up!

Everywhere nowhere
beyond within.

Wake up! Wake up!
There is no turning back:
the only way out is through.


that wonderful-terrible


that, nothing-exists-but-this,


At the crossroads
we transform or perish.
Wake up! Wake up!

That voice, it says,

Wake up! Wake up!
Listen– you are alive!
Wake up!

Beyond the peaceful breath of

sleeping babes,
the wrathful cries of
enemies, death is

only a doorway.

Who are you killing?
Who are you loving?
Wake up! Wake up!

Lovers call to one another
across impossible divides
that only exist in the flesh.

Wake up! Wake up!
We are made of yearning.
Wake up! Wake up!

Love doesn’t care about that–
love only loves, and love,
love is life itself.

Wake up! Wake up!

Wake up!


Original Photography by Maria Levitov

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