On Magic and the Mind Stuff: 0001

Clear communication, it seems to me, is a cornerstone of much that is truly successful in this world, including community, personal relationship and the Mastery of Deep Magic.  Magic (also spelled “Magick” to distinguish genuine inner alchemy from practices of slight of hand) is filled with all sorts of mysterious layers, by definition.  Gorgeous, it can be quite tricky and seductive if one is not scrupulously clear with oneself and others.

It is also sexy.  Really sexy.  Really!

The Unmanifest Yearns for the Manifest

Sexuality is the foundation of Manifest Life, literally, so why people do not assume that any esoteric process dealing with the energetics of life, and capable of altering experience and the conditions of life itself would not be sexy, I have no idea… possibly this has something to do with internalized oppression from the terror of the Inquisition, the Burning Times, and potentially reaching as far back as the denial of the passion between Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene, or even farther…

And here we are, Manifest God, the Mother herself.  And the Unmanifest yearns for the Manifest as Shiva’s lingham years for Kali’s yoni.  And the Manifest, yearns also for the Unmanifest, for the Wedding, the Reunion, the dissolution into Eternity.  With all of this yearning going on how could Life be anything but Sexy?

Regardless, these assumptions of other-than-sexy-ness continue, and as they continue, they continue separating God from Desire, separating humanity from completely claiming and embodying it’s own passionate sexuality, that fundamental celebration of existence itself.

The result of all this separation and denial can be much more than personal repression and  suppression leading to all sorts of  imbalances and disorders of the body and mind.  This denial, in it’s extreme, can and often does lead to a terribly dangerous blindness to the underpinnings of power as it is expressed through sexual magnetism, rendering us into perpetrators and victims of our own magnetism, turning our love into a vulnerability which can be used to destroy life from the inside out.

If we push our desires into the shadows and fail to face the power of Life moving through us, that power, will, eventually, rise up to consume us.  Jesus of Nazareth knew this.  Said it.  Or so it is written.

So, again, clarity is crucial.  As I stand in the miraculous magnetism of God Seeking God, as my feet buzz and my skin rushes with Life in the force of this Love, I have the opportunity to ask, with a deeply loving and compassionate sincerity, “What am I doing here with you?  With myself?   What is happening between us? What is the purpose of our connection?  What are the boundaries, what do they need to be in order to honor both of us, our lives, our journeys, our loved ones?”

We spend so much time on the Spiritual Path disintegrating boundaries, dissolving into the Great Oneness of the Only Being, the Cosmos. Perhaps that is why so many of us instinctively shy away from clarity, perhaps we feel, that by really breaking it down with one another we will somehow, crush and destroy these tendrils of Magic and the subtle yearnings which arise…

But why resist?  Why not simply  explore this way of being, as an inquiry, with the scientific curiosity and rigor Buddha suggested?  Why not discover if clarity and direction kills Magick or if, rather, power blossoms when it is freed from delusion into something healthy and strong like a garden of fragrant herbs that has been well-tended, or a garden of roses?  What is there to lose?  One can always go back to indirection and obfuscation if the experiment proves a failure.

And if one happens to discover, through these experiments, a real hit of the joy and lightness (as in ‘not-heaviness’) of life-giving power which blooms within the context of personal responsibility,  there may well be, for the one who discovers it, no turning back.

in Loving Kindness,

Murshida VA

One thought on “On Magic and the Mind Stuff: 0001

  1. From FB friend Jackson Boulware DeWitt–

    “Okay, so maybe you and Frank Zappa should have shared the position of Papacy together… would have made sense, in light of the “Holy Union” theme we got goin’ here, to have both a male and female Pope. I certainly would have voted for you. 🙂
    This article speaks directly to much of the inner alchemy which I practice and love most dearly. The Vital Energies of Creation are exactly Sexual in nature, across the board- through most of the known world as far as I can see. Some folks deal with this more effectively than others. Christians seems terrified of it, possibly as you say leftover feelings from those multiple time periods when people who admitted to knowing anything about it were systematically eradicated.
    My Taiji teachers have given me a way of paraphrasing the results of our repression: “That which you push against, you give your own power away to. You make stronger anything you resist.”
    This is why sexually repressed priests from the “soft” religions who still suffer from all that guilt over their desire are out there molesting children even as we speak. They also secretly hate the Sacred Feminine (some not so secretly) because they have given so much of their own power up in pushing against it for so long. Now just contemplating the feminine at all makes them feel weak and scared, because they have been giving all they had to an unwinnable inner war. By believing their own sexual urges must be either controlled or destroyed, they make it a huge deal and a dominant force in their thoughts and lives. They also set themselves up for inevitable failure since of course the essential Polar Force of Yin Qi, or the Feminine Godhead Kali if you like these words better, is just a little bit BIGGER than the ideas of control and destruction as conceived by man’s brain.”


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