On Unveiling the Mother

Black Kali

Black Kali

There is an amazing muck storm which arises when the Mother comes out from behind Her veil. 

Every place we feel tender, broken, inadequate, phony, false or small… it all seems magnified.  The less mature of us lose control of our emotions, fly into rage or curl up around fear.  The more mature pause to reflect on the morass within, knowing that whatever we witness in the outer world, it is only a mirror of ourselves.   

And then, of course, there is the political (or trans-personal) aspect of the Shadow:  six thousand years of oppression, torture, rape, mutilation, imprisonment, stoning, burning, crucifixion.  Those terrors can also arise suddenly.  And one can be on either side of the equation, or both sides at once, and still be completely overwhelmed by the force of the inner darkness of humanity.

All of this arises when the Mother takes off Her veil. 

And although it may seem a great rock has moved away to expose an unimaginable host of creepy crawlies to the sun, Kali’s darkness is the birthplace of wisdom, the seed bed of belonging and the key to who and what we really are. 

For it is simply true:  we cannot know ourselves, as individuals or as a humanity, until we face, with utter fearlessness and relentless compassion, all of the darkness within us.  From pathetic neurosis and petty selfishness to obession and paranoia to sadistic violence and consciously perpetuated evil, the entire spectrum of darkness is us.  It is us. 

Just as the magnificence and the and beauty is us.  It is all us. 

This is what it means to love ourselves completely.  This is the path to wholeness. 

What She represents for humanity, as a archetype, what She holds, is the opening through which we come into being and the accomodation through which we are empowered to shine the light of awareness upon ourselves, knowing all of what we are as utterly and completely loved, accepted and forgiven.

And perhaps, one  day, when we have embodied Her teaching, there will be no more need for the outcasts, no more need for the outliers in either direction, no more need for criminals or Saints, for we will finally know, into the marrow of our bones, that the entire spectrum of experience is simply…  human.


Traditional Kali Ma retrieved from http://thealmightydonjai.wordpress.com/2008/10/26/kali-ma/  Thank you!

2 thoughts on “On Unveiling the Mother

  1. A muck storm arises, indeed. And all muck contains within it the potential to become rich and fertile soil, the material source of nourishment. What determines whether the muck becomes compost, releasing its treasures to support life, or becomes instead toxic and putrid slime is what happens to it next. If it is cut off from light and oxygen, hidden away in anaerobic suffocation, it putrefies, breaking down only slowly and imperfectly. If it is turned and sifted through, exposed to air, it releases its gifts much more quickly, and becomes rich, sweet soil that can nourish life, control floods, and provide a stable place to stand. So when we find ourselves mired in the muck of unconscious forces, hidden desires, rage, fear, and resentment, if we seek to understand and recognize these things within ourselves, and find the gifts that are hidden within them for us, and breathe the breath of heaven into them, they are transformed, and we are transformed. We can take the dark secrets within us and if we have the courage to take the gifts that are there, from them gain a fresh source of energy and potential, find the means to tame the flood of emotion that would otherwise overwhelm us, and gain a grounding that is firmer and stronger than any we dreamed possible. The lotus arises from the muck, rooted in it, floating on the surface of the water, looking upward toward the Sun and the clarity of the heavens, drawing life from above and below, in perfect balance. We are the lotus, grounded in the muck, arising from it, anchoring the Yang, drawing it down into manifestation, down to meet and meld with and activate the Yin, and lifting the Yin up to meet the Yang,drawing nourishment and substance from its dark, dense, deep potential, so that we can absorb and reflect the light, each of us a shining node in the Net of Indra.


  2. Thank you so much, please keep writing to my blog. You rock the planet.

    And… for your blog: how can you rework this comment to address the essential qualities of self-reflection, grounding and connection to the forces of nature which make up the fabric of wellness, health? How would you encourage people to actively cultivate these qualities in their lives in order to have healthier lives?

    I hope these questions are helpful.

    Love love love, VA


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