Why Fear the Mother

There is an ancient Sufi story about a spiritual Master in India who had thousands of disciples.  All of his disciples revered him as a great and holy man until, one day, he began a pilgrimage.  At first, all his followers pressed together to remain with him, but when they asked, “Master, Master, where are you going?  Where are you going?”

He turned to them and said, “I am going to worship at the temple of Kali.”


There was a huge uproar from the crowd. 

The people cried out, “Kali is a demon.  Kali is evil.  She drinks blood, devours human flesh and demands human sacrifice.”


They all ran away.

Except for one young man, a little boy, really, who continued to follow the Master.

The Master turned on him and said, “Go, go away!!! Did you not hear what I told them?  I am going to the Temple of Kali.”

And the little boy said, “Yes, Master, I heard you.  Did you not also say, ‘There is nothing that is not God?'”

It is said this little boy was the great Sufi Saint, Moinuddin Chisti.

And who is Kali, this demon, this devil?

She is the Mother of the World.  It is through Her yoni that all form comes into form. She gives birth to countless Universes, to the Infinite Manifestation.  And She is known as the Mother of Life and Death because, from the moment we are born, we are destined to die.

And so, She who ushers us into this life is the same She who brings us home again.  Calling the vultures to eat our flesh, and the worms and beetles to hollow our eyes, she dances barefoot on our bones and ashes in the cremation grounds.

Why do we fear the Mother?  We fear Her because we have fallen asleep, and forgotten who we are.  And so we fear the demise of this fragile, thin, cover of flesh, hanging on a rack of bones and separating us from Eternity.

This blog is a devotion to the Mother and to all the aspects of experience which inspire us to say, “Oh, that is not God.”

This blog is an Invocation to our Awakening.

The Story of Moinuddin Chisti was told to me by my Teacher in the Chisti Lineage of Sufism, Murshid Shahabuddin David Less.

shahabuddin003Learn More About Murshid Shahabuddin David Less

10 thoughts on “Why Fear the Mother

  1. In a place where one misplaced foot step is easily my last, I’m constantly reminded of the impermanence that life carries. The Big Island Hawaii has helped awaken me beyond thought forms can conceive. This land of dreamers opened my being to the veil of illusion and the life sleeping and dream waking existence that manifests everything.


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